Modern Storage Bean Bags


Meet the iconic stuffed animal storage bean bag! Our stuffed animal storage bean bags come in a multitude of sizes and color options and are perfect for corralling all the loose stuffed animals taking over your home. Whether it's used as a bean bag chair in your child's room, a playroom, or an addition to the living room for family movie night, this is a toy that your whole family will love. 

The Top Three Reasons your home needs a stuffed animal storage bean bag include:

  1. They help declutter your home and keep it free of roaming stuffed animals;
  2. With so many color and size options, they're an adorable addition to your kid's room or playroom; and 
  3. Did we mention it helps "de-clutter" your home and keep it free of roaming stuffed animals? Need we say more? ❤❤❤


Our amazing stuffed animal storage bean bags are made of premium cotton canvas that is soft, yet durable, and is machine washable. In other words, it is the perfect fabric to endure the cuddles (and beatings!) your child will put it through.

So, how exactly do our stuffed animal storage bean bags work?


1: Fill bag with stuffed animals.
2: No, really. That was all.
3: Are you still reading this?

More importantly, we encourage you to engage in playing with your child. Grab a few books, their bean bag and be intentional about making great memories.